Professional staff that have years of experience fostering careers for the Barbering professional.

The School’s objective is to educate and equip individuals to successfully pass theoretical and practical examinations required by the Georgia State Board of Barbers, and become licensed practitioners.

Curtis McGee
Curtis McGeeFounder

Mr. McGee has a career in barber-styling that spans over five decades. At a young age, his first foray into the profession came in 1956 when he opened Perry Homes Barber Shop, a successful business that served the local community until 1975. After receiving his teaching license in barbering in 1966, he developed a barbering program at the Federal Reformatory in Petersburg, Virginia, where he trained young federal offenders to become licensed barbers. In 1972, Mr. McGee received a Bachelor of Science Degree in Vocational Industrial Education focusing on Cosmetology/Barbering from Virginia State College. Thereafter, Mr. McGee began using his considerable industry knowledge and experience as an instructor and practitioner with the goal of preparing upcoming barbers and cosmetologists to excel in the profession. He accomplished this through Profile Hair Care Center, where he supervised practicing barbers and cosmetologists. He further pursued his goal through Profile Institute of Barber-Styling, a company he founded in 1989 and continues to instruct and train students in the barber-styling profession and Instructor-Trainees to become certified Barber-Styling Instructors.

Mr. McGee has a keen interest in hair care products that promote healthy hair and remediate problems with the hair and scalp. He has worked with hair care product manufacturers over the years to assist them in improving and perfecting their products. Mr. McGee continually partners with industry professionals as well as business and community leaders on various initiatives to improve the quality and professionalism of the barber-styling profession.

    M. Darylene Rood-Allen
    M. Darylene Rood-AllenAdministration

    Ms. Darylene Rood-Allen, affectionately known as Ms. Allen, began her barber Career while an employee of Grady Health System. She worked full-time at Grady Hospital and attended school at night until completing the Master Barber Program and obtained her license. She went on to work in Profile Barber Shop and after serious consideration, enrolled in the Instructor’s Program as an Instructor-Trainee.

    Once she completed her Instructor’s Training, she was licensed by the State of Georgia as a Master-Barber Instructor. She taught at Profile Institute of Barber-Styling for the day classes, night classes and with the mid-day classes. She also has taught Barber-Styling at Atlanta Technical College as an Adjunct Professor.

    Beginning in January 2016, Ms. Allen accepted a new assignment of the profession Institute's Admissions Representative. She has enjoyed working with the students who matriculated through Profile Institute of Barber-Styling and continues to encourage those who pursue their dreams through a career in the Barber Industry.

    As a dreamer, she believes the quote, “If your mind can conceive it, if you can believe it, you can achieve it.”

      Mr. Michael Childs
      Mr. Michael ChildsInstructor

      Mr. Michael A. Childs is a native of Atlanta, GA where he attended the Atlanta Public Schools. He is married and the father of one daughter. He completed his Master Barber Training at Profile Institute of Barber Styling in 2004 and has completed requirements for his Master Barber License. He has also served the public sector as a Master Barber. He later returned to Profile Institute of Barber-Styling and obtained his Master Barber Instructor License. He has been employed at the Institute as a Master Barber Instructor since 2006.

      It is Mr. Childs' desire to see the students who are admitted to Profile Institute of Barber-Styling succeed in business and gain the best that the field has to offer

        Anthony Gates
        Anthony GatesInstructor
        Mr. Gates is a native of Griffin, GA where he was educated in the Griffin City Public Schools. He is a former student of Profile Institute of Barber-Styling where he received his Master Barber License and Master Barber Instructor License. He currently in an instructor at the Institute. Mr. Gates has numerous years in the barber industry and has been presented on the Demo Stage at the Bronner Brothers International Hair Show. He still works in the barber industry and is currently working on entrepreneurial endeavors and plans to open his own school. It is Mr. Gates' desire to see the industry grow and flourish with men and women who want to be the best they can be in this ever changing world.
          Mrs. Linda Walker
          Mrs. Linda WalkerInstructor
          Mrs. Linda Hillery-Walker is a native of Jacksonville, North Carolina. She has been licensed as a Master Cosmetologist and Master Barber since 1987. Mrs. Walker has a wide array of experience in the Hair Industry. She studied at Atlanta Technical College (formerly Atlanta Area Technical School). She has served as a General Manager (AFFES) Army, Air Force Exchange Services, managing and operations of seven (7) shops including Fort McPherson, Fort Gilliam, Dobbins Air Force Base, and Dobbins Navy Base. She was the owner of the Fort McPherson Beauty Salon in Atlanta, GA. and Hair Agenda II Beauty and Barber East Point, GA. Mrs. Walker has taught at Profile Institute of Barber-Styling since 2010 as a Master Barber Instructor. It is her desire to educate the students that come to this school and equip them with the most up to date information and techniques to be successful in their chosen field.
            Kevin Underwood
            Kevin UnderwoodInstructor
            Bio coming soon.
              Sophie McLeain
              Sophie McLeainFinancial Aid Administrator
              Ms. McLeain is a dedicated Financial Aid Administrator with a strong desire to assist students with funding their educational goals. She holds a degree in Business Administration, and has over five (5) years of experience working in Student Financial Aid for Profile Institute of Barber-Styling. Her experience at the Institute includes financial literacy counseling, various aspects of processing Title IV funding, VA benefits and student advisement.

              She works closely with the Department of Education, Veterans Administration and our accrediting agency (NACCAS) to ensure compliance in the areas of Cohort Default Rates, Annual Reports, Gainful Employment and Satisfactory Academic Progress. She is a strong and valuable asset to the school and students.